The mission of Secular Safe House is to provide temporary housing search assistance, as well as online programs and services to support those coming out of religion, cults or as LGBT (gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender) from religious environments.



When someone determines they no longer believe in religion, decides to leave a cult or come out as LGBT from a religious environment, often they have no friends or family to support them. In some religions/cults those who leave or come out are shunned or at least socially ostracized by the only support system they know. Sometimes a spouse or parent will even kick them out of the home and leave them with no way to support themselves.  SSH exists to provide the support one coming out needs when their own family and friends turn their backs.

We are in the process of building a network of professionals, volunteers, transitional homes, private homes and facilities, so that we can provide the following support services for those coming out. All services are subject to availability:

  • Assistance searching for temporary housing — a “safe house” — for those displaced by coming out. “Temporary” can include days, weeks or months — as necessary and appropriate.

  • Travel expenses to a safe house when a local one is not available or appropriate.

  • Access to online support programs and a community of others who have come out.

NOTE: It is not the purpose or intention of Secular Safe House to “convert” those who may still hold certain religious beliefs to atheism or any other form of non-belief. Our goal is to offer support in a non-judgmental, non-religious environment as our clients work through their own coming out process. However, it is a part of our mission to raise awareness of the destructive impact religion can have on individuals, families and communities.




Coming Out Conversations” are podcasts featuring interviews with those who have come out of religion, cults, or as lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgendered (LGBT) from religious environments and their advice for others having doubts or contemplating coming out, as well as interviews with those who have come out as secular activists and leaders. If you have a coming out story you would like to share, please contact us. To receive email notifications when new podcasts are posted or other SSH news, subscribe to our mailing list (top left).



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Troy Fitzgerald was raised in a religious cult — the Worldwide Church of God (aka Armstrongism) — as the son of a pastor and is now a secular humanist. He came out as gay later in life after being married to a woman and starting a family, having been in denial of his sexuality due to his religious indoctrination.  He and his ex-wife, who was raised in the same cult and is now also a secular humanist, remain close friends and partners in raising their family.  He wrote a book about his coming out, Cults and Closets: Coming Out of Chaos. 

As a result of publishing his book and getting more connected with the struggles of others with similar backgrounds, he became very passionate about providing a voice, support, and safe refuge for others coming out of religion, cults and as lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgendered (LGBT).

He writes about coming out, religion, cults, LGBT- and secular-related topics for SSH as well as hosts the SSH Coming Out Conversations podcast.

His professional background is in website and media production management, he has owned his own small businesses, and is an artist who loves to build things. He is the proud father of three sons and lives in Colorado.



We are committed to establishing and running this non-profit with integrity, accountability and transparency.



Please join us in our mission to provide a safe, secular refuge for those looking to liberate themselves from destructive religious institutions and religiously-abusive families. If you would like to become an ally of Secular Safe House, please visit our Volunteer page.