Long before the telephone, texting, social media, and various technologies as they are today, people communicated using a flower known as “floriography” especially in the 18th to 19th centuries. Even though it is not as popular as it used to be until now flowers are still a way to communicate with the same special meaning as the previous ones. Each flower has a different meaning for each person. Some interpret it as a symbol of affection, while others interpret it as an expression of grief or condolences. Get the best flower on our flower shop flower bouquet delivery.

However, did you know that some flowers are used as symbols of someone’s birth? Daffodil flowers are a unique symbol for those of you who were born in March, you know! Because this flower is a sign of the beginning of spring. Want to know why?

Daffodils or lilies have the Latin name “Narcissus” which comes from the Greek “narissos” from the root word “narcotic,” meaning narcotic sensation or numbness. This meaning is then attributed to the sedative effect of the alkaloids on the plant. This flower has a characteristic bright yellow color that can provide enthusiasm and joy to accompany your days and your loved ones.

Daffodils are interpreted as a symbol of matchless love, so if you are going to give a gift to someone you really love, don’t hesitate to give this flower! Apart from that, the Daffodil flower has also been linked in history which depicts death and rebirth. Inspired by Greek mythology, Narcissus died because he loved, cherished, and admired himself so much that he was connected with the ecclesiastical liturgy, namely Easter which commemorates the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Daffodil flower is one of the flowers that signifies the beginning of spring, therefore it is also interpreted as a new beginning, such as a quote from one of the poets named Keats who said “Daffodils bring” joy for ever “, which means Daffodil flowers bring joy forever.

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