The dragon is an important symbol in the culture and mythology of East Asian societies, namely Japan, China, and Korea. For the Japanese, the dragon is considered a symbol of generosity and protection for humans. It is not uncommon for Japanese people to make dragon tattoos to symbolize their courage, wisdom, and strength. This trait then influences several stories in the anime, and this legendary creature affects the design of some Unique anime characters.

For those of you who want to find out what anime titles have characters with dragon power, here are reviews of anime characters turning into dragons:

Might Guy

Guy’s transformation into a dragon occurred in the episode against Madara, one of the strongest characters in Naruto Shippuden during the fourth ninja world war.

By that time almost all of the ninjas were exhausted, Madara almost succeeded in carrying out his mission to create an imaginative world in his Muggen Sukuyomi.

Besides that, Madara, who had turned into a god at that time, was able to fend off almost all of the ninjutsu belonging to the ninjas on the battlefield, until finally, Guy decided to go to fight with Madara.

Long story short, Guy fights and takes all his strong moves, and the strongest is Night Guy, he opens the gates of death or other names Shimon. When he opened this gate he gave off a red aura.

The red aura was the blood that came out of Guy’s body, then he issued Night Guy’s incredible attack earlier on Madara. Suddenly in the anime Guy is shrouded in a red dragon body.

Madara also managed to fall as a result of the attack. Unfortunately, Guy almost died because of that move but managed to survive after Naruto drained his Kyuubi chakra.


This character turns into a dragon because he gets the power from the devil fruit he ate. But unfortunately, he became weaker when he turned into a dragon instead of a human.

When transformed into this dragon, it can fly and create clouds for it to step on as it steps through the air.

Kaido’s form when he became a dragon was defeated by Monkey D. Luffy, the main character in this anime, and Kozuki Oden. However, when he becomes human, he can defeat the two of them.

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